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About Us

Our Story

Venture6 Studio was created by a group of six individuals with diverse talents who came together to share a passion for creativity and visual storytelling. These distinct backgrounds have allowed us to collaborate with clients on a local and global scale to share thought-provoking stories and experiences, while also building brand awareness. Versatility is one of our strengths - we’re always on the go, capturing compelling visual content and working with clients to strengthen their branding and messaging. Whether it is a multi-stage project or a single service, our clients know the project will be completed on time and with complete satisfaction.

We have merged our expertise in the areas of marketing strategy, creative direction, content production, branding, cinematography, and web and print design to bring a universal solution to our clients. With over 40 years of combined experience, our skilled professionals are prepared to work on any project.

Visual Storytelling

Whether you are a business owner or a consumer, it seems like everyone today has an online presence. It’s not surprising that the average person checks his or her phone at least 150 times a day when we use the internet to work, socialize, shop, and relax. But because we spend so much time online, it takes a lot to capture the attention of a target audience. In fact, the latest data from Nielson indicates there are 27 million unique pieces of content shared each day. So what can be done to capitalize on the 290 million Americans using the internet?

Venture6 Studio was built with a foundation in visual storytelling. Typically viewed as a narrative primarily told through the use of visual media, visual storytelling is one of the best options to convincingly convey simple and complex messages with emotion, clarity, and widespread appeal. By combining our talents in video, branding, graphic design, and writing, Venture6 is quickly becoming one of the Great Lakes Bay Region’s expert providers of visual marketing solutions.

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Why work with us?

  • You have a story to tell and need a unique way to show it.
  • You have a new product and are in need of effective marketing.
  • You are looking for distinctive video footage, including aerials.
  • You are interested in new branding for your company, or your branding needs a facelift.
  • Your business needs a cohesive and strategic marketing plan.
  • You need a modern, secure website.
  • You need help writing content for your company or products.
  • You want to boost your social media presence.
  • Your software needs a visual/ux boost.
  • You are looking for an experienced team that communicates clearly.
  • You need your project completed on time and within budget.
  • You simply need your job done – and done well.